Judges 2017

Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

Mahmoud Shoolizadeh is a film Director, Producer and Screen Writer based in USA. He received a B.A degree in Film Production (Directing) and an M.A. degree in Cultural Affairs Management and has been a film director for over 30 years and made several films. His major activities include directing fiction, documentary, long and short films and movies. Beside directing, producing and editing films, he also undertakes writing the scripts. He is now preparing research materials for a new film project screenplay. He has been the recipient of several awards, including Best Film for his featur film “Noora” at the “49th Taormina International Film Festival”, Italy in June 2003. Best Film for “The Prisoner” at the “Hollywood Cinerockom International Film Festival”, USA, LA, CA, 2013. Best Film for “The Debt” at the “Moondance International Film Festival”, USA, CO, Boulder, September 2014. Best American Film for “Daddy” at the “Toronto World International Film Festival”, Canada, Toronto, December 2015. Best Feature Film for the “Daddy” at the “Phoenix International Film Festival”, Australia, Melbourne, November 2015. Best Children’s Film for “Daddy” at the “Los Angeles International Film Festival”, USA, LA, CA, 2016. Best Feature Film for Kids for “Daddy” at “The Kids Film Festival”, Spain, Madrid, May 2016.

Khashayar Rahimi

Khashayar Rahimi was born in May 1994, Tehran. By the age of 15, He started making videos using cell phone. He began with stop-motions and then continued with live action subjects. Khashayar is now studying Cinematography at Tehran University of Arts. He has directed some short films including the latest one, 28 Percent Pure, which has been screened in many different festivals and won a few awards including the Best 100 seconds Film award from International River Festival, Italy. He also has won a third place award for his photo collection, The Emptiness that We Confess from Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015.
In the past couple of years he’s focused on many variant projects as graphic designer, photographer, multimedia designer and digital content creator. He has been also co-organizer of two local-based events: Startup Weekend Arts Tehran and TEDxTUA.

Miwa Ono

Miwa Ono
Director and Producer.
Japan-based filmmaker.

Born and raised in Tokyo
Have experience in staying at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and Vienna Austria for several years.

Fluent in English, and Japanese, understand German as well.

1990 Obtained LL.M for Law at Seijo Graduate School of Law in Tokyo.

Engaged in interpretation job for over 20 years.

Have experienced producing 7 films and 2 music video as a Director.
Started producing films since December, 2014.

Won Merit Awards for the film, “Lovelost” at World Film Awards and International Film Festival for Family, Public service, against Drug Abuse and Trafficking.
Lovelost is also officially selected for Baghdad International Film Festvial.

Juanjo Haro

Filmmaker from Cantabria, Spain. Director of the short films 30 minutes with Laura, Gangsters and the Oneiric trilogy.
Community Manager of “Me gustan Cortos”, a short film site: facebook.com/megustancortos, twitter.com/megustancortos

Irida Zhonga


Award Winning Animation Director specialising in Stop Motion and digital 2D Animation.

Irida Zhonga:

“I am a Greek filmmaker currently based in London.

My first experience with film and animation was at the age of 6 when I made props for an animated music video my father was directing at the time. Since then, I have worked with him in many tv commercials and short animation films and his work and vision has always been a huge inspiration for me. At the age of 23, I decided to explore different aspects of filmmaking by attending the University of the Arts London and doing a degree in Film and Television.

I’m very passionate about animation and I’m always trying to find new ways in pushing my limits even further by realising ambitious projects.

I’ve worked for various production companies such as Adjust Your Set, Digital Natives and Sunset+Vine and for clients such as the Olympics, M&S, Accessorize, Talk Talk and Allianz. I’ve also written many scripts and my films have been awarded in many film festivals in UK and abroad.

Currently, I’m in the pre-production stage of my next short stop motion animation film ‘Man Wanted’ which is being funded by the Greek Film Centre, produced by Magikon S.A and will be released in July 2017.”

Sheila O’Rourke

SHEILA GAIL O’ROURKE is an award-winning video artist who explores the lives of people and animals in the context of their environments, cultures, and histories. Her latest documentary feature, Jetty Cats (2016), supports animal rights and was funded by a grant from University of California. Dr. O’Rourke holds a MFA in visual arts from the University of California, San Diego, and a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of California, Irvine. Her experimental and documentary videos have been shown in film festivals and academic venues in the United States, Europe, India, and Japan. She is currently a faculty member of the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine.

Tatiana Skorlupkina

Tatiana Skorlupkina – first a musician by training, then an artist. Tatiana held many personal art exhibits of her works both in Russia and in many other countries. Participant and winner of international film festivals.
Her films: “VISITOR”, “Living Pictures”, “Bunny, Getting to know Dad” included in the curriculum “Directing Film and Television” (Moscow State Pedagogical University)
Tatiana always develops and launches the most unusual “bold” projects. She is known as a creator of films where she realizes her vision from start till the very end – she is a script-writer, a director, an artist, an animator, an editor, a special effects person.
Tatiana always uses her own scripts and often writes her own music for her films. Tatiana is also well-renowned short-stories writer and art-projects developer (she is known for that under pseudonym of Fedor Sever).
Born in Saint-Petersburg.
Graduated from Glazunov Music Conservatory in Petrozavodsk and
the Faculty of Arts and Graphics of Saint-Petersburg Herzen University.
Member of Artists’ Union of Russia. Director of Art-studio “Fedor Sever”